How Jaksta Media Recorder for Mac helps bring Joy to Grieving Families

Robert conducts funeral services in Western Canada.  Often he will conduct services for people who don’t have a minister or local priest in the area.  Robert does his best to make the funeral services as personal as possible for these families.   He knows the beneficial effect a special song can have on the grieving family.

When Robert first meets a family he will ask them if they can recall any special songs that their loved one used to sing or especially liked.  Often these are obscure, long-forgotten songs that even the families can barely remember.  Sometimes all they can recall are a few silly lyrics.  Unbeknownst to the families, Robert will take the bits of information they gave him and go searching for the songs online.

These are songs that aren’t available on iTunes or any other regular music service.  These are the rare songs of WW II or local community songs from the East Coast of Canada – songs that may be over half a century old – and not sung anymore.  Songs that are nearly forgotten, until Robert finds them.

Songs from World War II

Thanks to YouTube and Jaksta Media Recorder for Mac, Robert has been able to find these rare songs and record them.  When the families arrive at the services Robert will surprise them by playing the special songs during the ceremony – often bringing smiles of recognition and joy.

Halifax Concert Party

“I’ve seen family in tears, so happy because they heard their grandfathers favourite song from the war years or that Sunday School tune they sang as kids.  I’ve even found some music that is regional in nature, from the Maritimes for instance, that not been heard for many years and watch the smiles as it is played at the service.”

Thank you for your amazing story Robert! We are thrilled that Jaksta Media Recorder for Mac has played even a small part in bringing joy to these families in need.

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